About Us

The Sound of Gol Foundation is a global not-for-profit organization that supports youth development using the “world’s game” of soccer and the arts to empower social and personal growth. The Foundation was inspired by the animated series, La Golda, that engages kids to take action and do good around the world. With its vision of Saving the World One Game at a Time, the Foundation has created programs that follow the same prosocial endeavors to make a difference and impact lives.

Soccer in the U.S. has become a pay-to- play model; the better you get at it and the higher you want to climb in the sport, the more families have to pay. The chances of going to college on a soccer scholarship or becoming a professional becomes difficult. However, due to spending cuts across physical education, parks and recreational centers, the sport can become a path to class mobility.

MISSION: Our mission is to build strong leaders for tomorrow. We create opportunities to shape youth into well-rounded leaders in their communities. Under the guidance of coaches and mentors, they become active and confident as Sound of Gol’s athletes and ambassadors of good will.

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