Girls FC Soccer Team

Girls FC Soccer Team

In partnership with Do Good. Live Well., we’re providing a group of young ladies to be apart of something wonderful. The members of the Sound of Gol Girls FC Soccer Team are leaders in their communities.  Together, they learn, serve and grow with the sport of soccer all while having fun!


Program Mission

Our mission is to build a strong well-rounded girls soccer team who will become leaders in their communities. Under the guidance of coaches and mentors, these young athletes are the Sound of Gol’s first ambassadors of good will. The team  travels and plays matches locally and out of state, they provide services to other communities in need, discover new adventures, have fun and make new friends.






Social Objective

The soccer team is given the opportunity to help their communities in need.  As a result, we hope to instill a feeling of empowerment, and productivity, allowing them to engage in healthy lifestyles, manage life’s challenges, and become leaders within their communities and the world.


2015 Recap in Review

In 2015, the Sound of Gol soccer team created a community vegetable and herb garden, from start to finish, at the Garfield Senior Center.  They pulled weeds and cleaned the grounds of the indoor sports complex where their weekly practices are held.  They created another community garden, from start to finish, at the Garfield Boys and Girls Club.  They also completed a grounds beautification project and painted the garden wall there.  They ran interactive booths and helped younger children during Harlem Sports Day.  The team also collected Holiday gifts & sent them to El Hogar de las Ninas de Cupey, a girls shelter in Puerto Rico, the same girls who they spent an afternoon with, exchanging giggles and stories during the Fall 2015 season.


Sportsmanship Objective

We encourage healthy competition. Our soccer team learn how they can best contribute and maximize their full potential instinctively with good intentions on and off the field. Team members also build and promote a healthy way of living that keep their minds and bodies strong while playing the beautiful game of soccer.

Soccer in the Community

The Sound of Gol team practices Soccer once a week and plays competitive friendly matches. The sport helps deliver life skill lessons in a fun environment.



Soccer legends host free soccer clinics!

The SoG team put together a special clinic/tournament with Soccer Pro Brandi Chastain April 2015 in which over 80 local NJ girls & boys participated free of charge.  The Foundation’s second soccer clinic was held in sunny Los Angeles in February 2016 with soccer pros Cobi Jones & Jay DeMerit!











Game Plan

Soccer is a great platform for coaches and volunteers to build trusting relationships with youth.  The Sound of Gol (SoG) has the right mix of staff members in place. Staff have a strong background and knowledge in growth and development including expertise in the game of soccer and community service.


Jorge Pelao / HEAD COACH

Trained and certified as a head soccer coach, Jorge has an important leadership role providing the most interaction with our U13 team. He serves as a role model and sets an example for each player. Jorge runs practices and games and applies the laws of soccer for this age group, teaches good sportsmanship on and off the field. *Jorge is a retired Colombian-born American soccer forward having played for the US National team and Major League Soccer in the 80s & 90s. He currently coaches youth athletic soccer.

Michelle DeFazio/TEAM MANAGER

Michelle supports the head coach and manages team logistics. Duties include organizing team schedules, practices and games, securing ample insurance and providing parents/legal guardians with helpful information. *Michelle is a mother of three and does per-diem work for attorneys. She spends most of her time volunteering in the school system, coaching soccer, basketball and softball.



Marlene is the team’s support counselor providing a range of helpful services and resources; she additionally leads the girls team & their volunteer efforts in various communities. *Marlene is a school counselor in special education. For 18 years, she has counseled youth who have social, emotional, and behavioral struggles.  She is fluent in both Portuguese & Spanish.

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